About Us

This is a blog about camper trailers and all the accessories you will need to make your vacation fun on the water. This morning my wife was cleaning out the garage and when I entered I saw a three-foot-long hose sticking out of the top of our new camper trailer. Yes, the dealer’s salesperson had come and taken it home with him. It’s pretty cool. He has it mounted on a wall already and we’re not even using it yet. The hose is for washing the outside of the boat trailer.

My other two camper trailers are pretty much fully loaded. We have a twenty-foot all-terrain vehicle and a forty-foot travel trailer with a built-in utility sink. Both of them are going into the same general area we plan to cruise through most of the summer. It’s nice to be able to walk around in the mud and have a small refrigerator to keep some lunch items in while we travel. The only way you will know it’s hot is if you get the digital reading on the back of your stove to be ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a blog about camper trailers that talks about my desire to build a kitchen in our camper. I am having trouble coming up with the money to purchase the actual materials we need to build the kitchen. I am thinking it might be a good idea to rent some equipment from some of the places we will be staying while on vacation. The idea is to be able to build the kitchen and appliances that we want and not have to worry about going out again to purchase more materials. If we don’t like the idea of renting or building our equipment, we will also have the option to buy the things we want. That would cut down on our expenses substantially.

This is a blog about camper trailers that talks about my problems with the water in our pond. Water levels have been getting higher due to rain and snow. I have decided that we are going to try to lower the levels as much as possible. I have been reading about making ponds at home and going to the hardware store to buy materials. While I am waiting for the concrete to dry and then pouring the concrete into the pond I have been doing my research online on how to do this.

My conclusion was that it wasn’t going to be possible for me to make the changes to my pond that I wanted without having a concrete foundation. Since I live by a river, I can see into the woods that are in the immediate area to check on the condition of the water. What I learned is that if water levels go too high the banks will close so the only alternative is to go on top of the water. I didn’t think there was a lot of benefits to this.

Since the water has already started to rise, I have also noticed that bugs have a difficult time entering the pond because of the warmer temperature. I read that when this is a blog about camper trailers that people like to make their habitats for their fish. I tried to make my habitat and it didn’t work so I decided to go to the hardware store and buy the materials that were needed to make my habitat. I made a little waterfall and put some pebbles in the bottom of it. The fish seem to be having a better time because they can stay more near the waterfall.